Air Filled Water Bubble Balloon Children Outdoor Toys Party Gift


Overview: Float, swing, dribble, spin, smash and make weird sounds. It is fun to play indoors or outdoors throughout the year. You can even deflate the bubble ball and store...

Color: Green 5

Green 5
70cm pink 3pcs
120cm green
40cm blue5
50cm green
70cm green 10pcs
12inch yellow
50cm pink
Pink 3
50cm yellow
70cm pink 5pcs
70cm 1p1b1g
70cm blue 10pcs
12inch orange
40cm green5
120cm yellow
70cm yellow 10pcs
120cm pink
70cm orange 5pcs
Blue 2
100cm blue 2
120cm blue
70cm yellow 5pcs
100cm green10
50cm blue
40cm green10
Blue 3
12inch pink
70cm purple 5pcs
Purple 3
70cm purple 10pcs
70cm orange 3pcs
70cm blue 3pcs
70cm green 3pcs
12inch purple
Green 3
40cm blue2
40cm green2
70cm orange
40cm blue
Purple 2
Pink 2
100cm pink
100cm green2
100cm green
40cm blue10
70cm green 5pcs
40cm pink5
70cm yellow
70cm purple
Pink 5
70cm yellow 3pcs
Purple 5
70cm blue 5pcs
12inch green
70cm purple 3pcs
70cm pink
100cm pink5
70cm pink 10pcs
40cm pink2
40cm pink
40cm green
70cm green
100cm green5
100cm pink2
100cm blue5
100cm blue
100cm pink10
Green 2
70cm orange 10pcs
100cm blue10
Blue 5
40cm pink10
70cm blue
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Float, swing, dribble, spin, smash and make weird sounds.
It is fun to play indoors or outdoors throughout the year.
You can even deflate the bubble ball and store it for next use
It is super soft, super strong, tear-resistant, and lightweight.

Add a flavor of fun with these balloons at your next birthday party, get-together, and club.
You can design by yourself, decorating them wherever you like with different sizes and matching colors.
It is finished with primary colors instead of painting or spaying, making the color more natural and smooth.

Main material: ABS
Random Color
Size: 22*8cm

Please note that the color of the ball is shipped randomly

How to use:
Inflate it (not including the pump).
Use the pump to inflate the ball according to the accompanying instruction manual.
Do not explode it to more than three feet high, because it may burst.

Package Contents:
1 * Blowpipe
1 * Bubble ball

Additional Information

Green 5, 70cm pink 3pcs, 120cm green, 40cm blue5, 50cm green, 70cm green 10pcs, 12inch yellow, 50cm pink, 100b3g3p4, Pink 3, 50cm yellow, 70cm pink 5pcs, 70cm 1p1b1g, 70cm blue 10pcs, 12inch orange, Green, 40cm green5, 120cm yellow, 70cm yellow 10pcs, 120cm pink, 40b3g3p4, 70cm orange 5pcs, Blue 2, 70b2p2g1, 40b2p2g1, 100cm blue 2, 120cm blue, Blue, 70cm yellow 5pcs, 100cm green10, 50cm blue, 40cm green10, Pink, Blue 3, 12inch pink, 70cm purple 5pcs, Purple 3, 70cm purple 10pcs, 70cm orange 3pcs, Purple, 70cm blue 3pcs, 70cm green 3pcs, 40p1andb1, 12inch purple, Green 3, 40cm blue2, 40cm green2, 70cm orange, 40cm blue, Purple 2, Pink 2, 70b3g3p4, 100cm pink, 100cm green2, 100cm green, 40cm blue10, 70cm green 5pcs, 40cm pink5, 70cm yellow, 70cm purple, Pink 5, 70cm yellow 3pcs, Purple 5, 70cm blue 5pcs, 12inch green, 70cm purple 3pcs, 100b2p2g1, 70cm pink, 100cm pink5, 70cm pink 10pcs, 40cm pink2, 40cm pink, 100b1andp1, 40cm green, 70cm green, 100cm green5, 100cm pink2, 100cm blue5, 100cm blue, 100cm pink10, Green 2, 70cm orange 10pcs, 70b1andp1, 100cm blue10, Blue 5, 40cm pink10, 70cm blue

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